You have the power to stop this plan and here are a few ways you can help: 

1. Host a yard sign, please email and we will bring one by.


2. Share our website with your neighbors and friends. With COVID, people have been worried about their health, their families, and their jobs. They do not know about this plan and the changes to our community and schools.

3. Stay informed, subscribe for updates!

4. Make a Donation

We are citizens who highly value public education and are concerned about the significant risks this plan would impose, to our current and future students and to our community. We do need to fix our school buildings and we believe we can do that by making a smarter investment. We are a grassroots organization up against a Boston-based public relations firm with $47,000 of SK taxpayer funds that should be going to our students. Donations of ANY amount are appreciated and will be utilized to extend our reach. 

Venmo: @PaulaBradley6 (last 4 digits of my cell for confirmation are 8774)

Checks payable to Stop This Plan can be sent to:

Stop This Plan

PO Box 112

West Kingston, RI 02892

5. Write a Letter to the Editor

Is there a particular aspect of this plan that affects you? Are you a creative writer or do you need support? We can help. Simply email us your rough draft or topic of personal interest and we can help you draft, edit, and even share your letter to the appropriate media outlets.

6. Comment, Like & Share our Content on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulaBradley4SK 

Twitter: @StopThisPlanSK

7. Download & Share our informational flyer and FAQ sheet

Coming soon! 

Together we can Stop This Plan! Thank you for your support!

Curtis Corner Middle School was built in the 1960's as a tear down and is currently one of the worst facilities in the school inventory. The School Committee never held a meeting with our community to give input on this drastic change to the landscape of our town.

The Town Manager has disregarded the deed covenants placed on the Columbia Street property, as well as the historically significant Hazard School. There is no plan to repurpose the Columbia Street property, which could be a vacant eyesore in the middle of town.

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