What is included and what is not included in the latest version South Kingstown School Facility Plan?


We will not be getting a new high school building with this plan.

The majority of the bond money goes to improvements planned at the Curtis Corner site. The site work required to address the ledge, wetlands, parking lots, etc. does not allow for much of the original building to be renovated. While it is being sold to the community as a new high school - simply put, it is NOT a new high school. 

Of the $85M bond, $59M will be spent at Curtis Corner to create four large spaces that will be added to the building: an entrance, a makerspace, a pre-function space, and a 1,000 person auditorium. (These new spaces/additions are shown in orange).


The 30-year-old classrooms and labs (shown in light blue) will remain un-renovated. Additionally, there will not be enough classrooms or science labs with this plan -- teachers will have to share classrooms. 


One of the main selling points to the community for this project has been the campus setting. This plan leaves out over $1.5 million in necessary field enhancements, without an identified funding source. In addition to the ineligible athletic field costs, the plan identifies another $1.8 million in ineligible costs: main sewer upgrade, elementary school furnishings, and the renovation (new septic, parking lot, building renovation) of the school administration building to be located at South Road School. (The existing school administration building will be demolished to make room for a parking lot.)

The plan includes a $24M addition to Broad Rock Middle which is likely unnecessary due to declining enrollment projections and a total of $1.6M to be spent between all four elementary schools. The elementary schools have $30M in identified repairs needed, but this plan essentially provides a library/media room makeover for each elementary school.

We can do better for our students!