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Required Renovations???

Updated: Mar 31

It seems clear that those supporting the school facility plan will continue to push the talking point that it provides $85 million in “required” school improvements. If they are referring to RIDE regulations, there are no “required” improvements. What they are most likely referring to are the “recommended” improvements detailed by the 2017 Jacobs Report on the condition of school facilities. That document detailed approximately $90 million in recommended improvements for SK schools over a 5-year period.

Check out the chart below from the SK stage 2 application. Although the total amount of recommended improvements ($89M) is similar to the projected cost of the plan ($92M), they are completely misaligned. The facility plan devotes $59M at the high school and $9M (~$1.6M bond + ~$7.3M CIP) at the elementary schools, while the Jacobs Report recommends $24M at the high school and $30M at the elementary schools.

It is nearly impossible that this plan addresses every single recommended improvement for the elementary schools and the high school given that major parts (the 30-year-old classrooms are not going to be renovated) of the existing CCMS building will be left as-is. By my calculations, this facility plan will leave approximately $30M in outstanding required improvements at both the high school and the four elementary schools.

So no, this plan does not address $85 million in REQUIRED improvements, not even close.

The questions you will be voting on are this: Should we invest $85 million on a plan that does not address our four aging elementary schools? Should we invest $85 million on a plan that does not provide a complete renovation of the high school at CCMS? Is it worth an extra $13 million in state incentives to leave $30 million in required improvements on the table?

Or should we take a step back, evaluate our priorities and student needs, and move forward together on a smart investment that takes advantage of still available state assistance to truly fix our buildings and provide a 21st-century education for our children?

I believe our students deserve the best. I ask that you join me in voting NO on the May 4th bond referendum to STOP THIS PLAN! Thank you.

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