Misaligned Priorities

Right idea- off track

In 2017, the facility project began with the desire to address deficiencies and inefficiencies in our schools; the plan at the time would have cost about $78M and would have updated ALL of our schools.


In 2019 a new Superintendent, unfamiliar with the district and without any authentic community input, determined Curtis Corner Middle School should become the high school, even after two different School Committees deemed it unfeasible and cost-prohibitive.

This version of the plan is financed with an $85M bond and an additional $7.6M in a capital improvement plan (CIP) and $550,000 in required ineligible costs. Even at this cost of almost $94M, more work will remain to be completed at many of our schools. The plan provides less than $9M at our 4 elementary schools combined, a $24M addition to Broad Rock Middle School, and $59M to add onto and partially renovate Curtis Corner to become the High School.  These decisions amount to a severe misalignment of priorities with what RIDE recommended in the 2017 Jacobs Report.  That document detailed $30 million in needed work at the elementary schools and $24 million at the Columbia Street High School.


The bond is the maximum the town can borrow and may prevent any future bonding for municipal or school needs. The current facility plan, even if completed on time and on budget, will leave at least $30 million left to be funded.  


There is currently NO PLAN to address these needs and no clear funding source or operational savings that could be tapped for ongoing maintenance.

Vote NO on May 4th to stop this misaligned mistake from moving forward